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Book your cheap car hire in Kefalonia securely online and save on a wide choice of vehicles from low cost economy options through to our luxury range. Make the most out of your Kefalonia car rental. Check out our Kefalonia tourist destination guide and driving tips submitted by our visitors.

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Kefalonia Overview
The beauty of Kefalonia has captivated men and brought to war nations who would possess her since time immemorial. Towering mountains, thickly wooded forests, caves and subterranean lakes and rivers, encircled by a coastline of sunny beaches, bring nature lovers to enjoy her loveliness. In 1953, as if impatient with man’s puny vanities, she shrugged off centuries of development with a massive earthquake that left very little standing. Today, re-built and ready for the next onslaught, she sees tourists come from far off lands to moor their yachts and bask in her sun, while others explore the lush countryside.

Kefalonia Essentials
Melissa Cave Lake – Once a sanctuary of Pan in Mycenaean times, the deep blue waters make this subterranean cave a hauntingly beautiful place.

Drogkarati Cave – The acoustics in this enormous cave are so good that concerts are held here on occasion surrounded by stalactites in one of Mother Nature’s own concert halls.

Fiskardo – The only village spared by Kefalonia’s earthquake in 1953, Fiskardo is a pretty, pastel-painted village with 18th century Venetian houses.

Mount Ainos - Wild horses live on the mountain slopes in the Mount Ainos National Park, where the native fir, Abies cephalonica grows.

Moni Agiou Andrea –The 13th century church that stood here was damaged in 1953, but restored as a museum it exhibits frescos and icons rescued from other damaged buildings.

Kefalonia Calendar - Pick of the Year's Events
Pangala – (August) Snake festival at Markopoulo.

Wine Festival – (August) Celebrated soon after the Snake festival at Fragata.

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