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Book your cheap car hire in Belgium securely online and save on a wide choice of vehicles from low cost economy options through to our luxury range. Make the most out of your car rental. Check out our range of tourist destination guides for Belgium and driving tips submitted by our visitors.

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Parking - by Greg from Atherstone
Driving and parking in Antwerp was not as bad as what I had expected. Of course it's not simple to drive and follow the signs in a foreign city but Brussels was far worse for me. There were quite a few covered paid parking lots downtown, just in case you can't find a space on a street.
Other - by Nancy Pichler from Leipzig, Germany
All highways are illuminated by street lamps at night. Maximum Speeds: For cars traveling outside city limits, a maximum speed of 90 km/h applies. Within city limits, the speed is 50 km/h. City limits are clearly marked by signs. On freeways, a speed of 120 km/h is prescribed. Important rules: According to the law, seat belts must be worn by all passengers in the car! Motorcyclists must drive with a helmet!
Other - by Jeremy from Port Elizabeth
These guys drive on the right hand side of the road, and are pretty aggressive, watch out for those trams...They own the road it would well as those who travel on them..However the roads are very well kept.
Other - by Lucille from Netherlands
Do watch out for trams (streetcars) in larger cities. They come at you from unexpected directions and can even appear from underground.
Speed limit - by Pierre from Belgium
Do not drive over 120km/h. The state has just changed its regulation and the fee for speed limit has increased dramatically. Beware!

Belgium Cities
Antwerp Brussels Ghent Leuven Ostend
Bruges Charleroi Kortrijk Liege

Belgium Airports
Antwerp Airport Brussels Charleroi Airport
Bruges Airport

Belgium Overview
Famed for producing the world’s finest chocolate and being the focal point of the EU, Belgium incorporates a rich mixture of languages and culture that offers much more than many people think. Belgium is a bicultural nation which has two official languages, Flemish (officially in the North) and French (officially in the South), with Brussels the melting pot in the middle.

Belying its diminutive geographic size, Belgium is a very varied country, with incredible scenery, and world class museums, art galleries and architecture.

Belgium Essentials
Brussels - The capital of Belgium and home of the EU has developed into a cosmopolitan city in the post-war years. One of Europe’s only officially bilingual cities (French and Flemish), Brussels is nothing if not diverse. Stunning neo-gothic architecture, Michelin star restaurants and lots of strong Belgian beer have consolidated Brussel’s position as one of Europe’s most popular cities.

Bruges – This medieval city remains remarkably well preserved, with most of its buildings dating back to the 13th or 14th century. Bruge is the perfect city for a romantic weekend.

Antwerp – Situated in the North of Belgium, Antwerphas grown in reputation as one of Europes coolest cities to hang out, thanks in no small part to its vibrant arts and fashion scene which most recently saw the ‘Antwerp 6’ emerge - a group of ultra-hip local fashion designers.

The Ardennes – The fantastic scenery of valleys and forests is the Ardennes most appealing facet. But this fantastic region in the south-east of Belgium also has many small and beautiful villages which add to the experience.

Namur – An incredibly picturesque town in the Ardennes region of Belgium. Its narrow streets and fantastic building ooze style, yet the town also has a lively nightlife largely due to local university population.

Belgium Calendar - Pick of the Year's Events
Brussels International Film Week (April-May) - You can always be sure to be offered a diverse choice of films by the Brussels international Film Festival. With a selection ranging from premieres to shorts - this festival is a great celebration of European film making.

Ommegang (starts first Tuesday of every July) - Ommegang or ‘walk about’ is a huge parade set in the Grand Place at the heart of Brussels. Guests including the Royal Family join the masses of spectators to enjoy this celebration of Belgium tradition.

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